Avoiding Certain Viral Mistakes

Many affiliate marketers are realizing the power of social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube when it comes to making money online and rapidly spreading the marketing word virally, however, there are 3 common mistakes being made. 

1. Not providing the right content and a call to action incentive.

Most internet marketing courses cover how to ethically bribe your visitors with free stuff!  There’s no doubt just like I enjoy this incentive, most people would agree that they appreciate free stuff as well.  Make sure you provide an incentive (eBook or videos on internet marketing techniques) that is directly related to the content you are providing.  It’s crucial to stay on topic…you will find that people will respond to your call to action incentive as long as it’s in relation to your topic of discussion.

2. Don’t forget to promote your campaign once you’ve created it!

Implementation of the viral strategy is vital.  Consider tweaking your campaign here and there and monitoring it, even after you’ve coupled your ad with a YouTube video.  Most successful internet marketers continue to promote their ads in order to maximize the number of people being exposed to your product.

3. Avoiding this vital step…Testing Campaigns and Tracking Results.

Without testing your promotional campaigns, it will be fairly difficult to determine what is working for you.  Most successful internet marketers try different strategies such as various ethical incentives or partnering up with many marketers in order to spread the word to a variety of audiences to test their lists.  Also testing which campaigns produce the highest conversions and tracking your results will help eliminate campaigns that aren’t necessarily producing good numbers.  These are all incredibly vital to your success as an internet marketer, so make sure to utilize these strategies.

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