Child Avatar Costume

Try a movie inspired child avatar costume this Halloween!

Halloween has always been a time for the young and the old to try different costumes based on various themes. From superheroes to fairytale characters, there is simply no telling what the kid next door may don this Halloween. If you are looking to take some inspiration from the movies, you could do well to try on a child avatar costume or Despicable Me costume for a great evening of fun this Halloween.

If you have watched the movie Avatar and want a costume that will help you dress in the same style as the characters in the movie, you can get a child avatar costume which depicts one of the natives of Pandora. Alternatively, you can get a child avatar costume that depicts one or any of the main characters of the movie – from Neytiri to Jake Sully.

You can even create a child avatar costume on your own with a little help from a make up expert or someone at home. Remember, the people from Pandora had blue colored skin. This means that you will need either skin paint or a full body suit that is blue in color. If you are going to paint your body, you must make sure that you do not use art paint as it can cause skin rashes and harm you with other side effects as well.

Avatar masks are easily available with costume shops in most localities and you could find one in your vicinity. You can also make the accessories and masks yourself with materials purchased from an art or hobby shop. Beads, wires, fabric, coloured stones and whatever else that you can add as embellishments can be used to make a child avatar costume.

Another 2010 movie that caught the fancy of people was Despicable Me, an animated movie with adorable characters called minions. You could dress up in a Despicable Me costume that depicts Dave, Jorge or even Agnes for that matter. You could easily make a Gru mask for yourself and use your sports tracks and shirts to depict Vector.

If you think that making a Halloween costume is not your cup of tea, you could buy the costumes from a costume shop where you can easily find the right size and prices to match. It is recommended that you keep a look out for costume sales in October so that you can get some good bargains. Many costume shops offer discount prices to their customers before Halloween and also offer discounts on bulk purchases.

You can search online for costume shops that display their collection allowing you to compare and choose from the different simple costume ideas they have in stock. You can also get your order shipped right to your doorstep with a guarantee from the costume supplier that the Halloween costume will be accepted back should you find it not matching your size or expectations. However, this process may take some time and you may not always get it back before Halloween. So the best thing to do would be to step into a shop and try on the Halloween costume before you decide to buy it.

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