Mulan Costume Character For Kids

This year, why not have your child celebrate Halloween with an animation Mulan costume character?

When the Walt Disney animation guys brought the animated movie ‘Mulan’ in the year 1998, they probably never expected the overwhelming response to this story of a weak Chinese girl Fa Mulan triumphing over the evil Shan Yu. The story set in China has all the mystic that one can associate with old dragon tales. Emperors, warriors, dragons; abound in this Chinese tale of bravery, love and victory of good over evil. A kid or adult wearing a Mulan costume for Halloween has ever since been a rage.

To make a Mulan costume by yourself, you need to have a basic idea about the dresses or costumes worn by Chinese girls or Chinese princesses in ancient China. For this, it would be a good idea to look up some books on ancient Chinese culture and the lifestyles of the Chinese royalty in traditional times. If you cannot spend time doing this, the next best thing is to use your computer and browse the Internet for its thousands of websites that give you easy access to Chinese princess costumes and help you to find a Mulan costume of your choice.

You can find a Mulan costume for a kid or an adult at a costume store in your locality. From the year of the release of the movie, costumes based on the movie characters have always been in demand in at art shows, themed events, Chinese community festivals and of course at Halloween. You can also order the costumes in a particular color or prints that match your style. You can also look for accessories to match your Mulan costume at the costume shop itself.

Another very popular animated feature from Disney was the Arabian Nights series. Arabian Princess Costumes based on the character Princess Jasmine became an overnight rage when little girls and adults demanded the costumes for their fancy dress parties and theme events.

You can order Arabian Princess costumes for Halloween easily because these costumes are always in demand throughout the year. If you want your costumes in a particular fabric or want accessories to match your costume, you can go through the hundreds of websites online that will give you enough variety to choose from. Alternatively, you could simply walk into a costume shop and ask for Arabian Princess Costumes that fit your size.

Team up your costume with accessories like bangles, brooches, head bands, waist bands and shiny shoes and you have a sure shot winner on your hands. A magic carpet is all that you need to whisk away yourself to the land of magic. Roll up a small rug that you can find at home. Add tassels to the rug and you will have an authentic looking Arabian magic carpet with you. Add a touch of belly dancing steps to your act for Halloween and no one will believe you are not from the mystic land of Arabia.

These simple costume ideas can be found online and are sure to add the Arabian allure and the Chinese oriental magic to Halloween and you could be the envy of the entire neighborhood this Halloween.

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