Measuring Your Competition

A primary key to anyone’s success online, regarding online advertising or marketing, is to properly measure your competition.

Whether you are an online advertiser using free, paid, recycled, or viral traffic tactics, it is necessary to gauge your competition using a number of techniques.  By doing this, you will improve your chances of reaching your target audience, avoiding many of the unnecessary pitfalls that you may otherwise encounter if putting this important stepUsing  of measuring your competition aside.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this task, including:

1.  Using free methods: Google Keyword Tool

2.  A simple search online (related to your keyword or niche) to check what other advertisers are doing, using some of the largest and most popular search engines.

3.  Using paid tools and software programs to analyze your data.  The benefits: saves you time and energy!

As you measure your competition, you will begin to narrow your audience and produce better results.  Unfortunately, many advertisers skip this crucial step, assuming they can still get the results they anticipate.  Truth be told, not only will the hinder your results, but for those paying for traffic, you will end up breaking your bank account.  For those utilizing free methods, you’ll end up waiting for your results to show up much longer than originally anticipated.  So my advice is to include this crucial step to your business!

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