Measuring Your Competition

A primary key to anyone’s success online, regarding online advertising or marketing, is to properly measure your competition.

Whether you are an online advertiser using free, paid, recycled, or viral traffic tactics, it is necessary to gauge your competition using a number of techniques.  By doing this, you will improve your chances of reaching your target audience, avoiding many of the unnecessary pitfalls that you may otherwise encounter if putting this important stepUsing  of measuring your competition aside.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this task, including:

1.  Using free methods: Google Keyword Tool

2.  A simple search online (related to your keyword or niche) to check what other advertisers are doing, using some of the largest and most popular search engines.

3.  Using paid tools and software programs to analyze your data.  The benefits: saves you time and energy!

As you measure your competition, you will begin to narrow your audience and produce better results.  Unfortunately, many advertisers skip this crucial step, assuming they can still get the results they anticipate.  Truth be told, not only will the hinder your results, but for those paying for traffic, you will end up breaking your bank account.  For those utilizing free methods, you’ll end up waiting for your results to show up much longer than originally anticipated.  So my advice is to include this crucial step to your business!

5 Key Components To Successful CPA Marketing

If exploited properly CPA Marketing is one of the most rewarding, effective and lucrative avenues generated on the internet.  If you’re seeking financial independence via CPA marketing, there are 5 significant components that must be implemented.

1: Choosing Trusted and Reliable CPA Networks

Today you will find many CPA networks; however, some just can’t be trusted so it is crucial to choose to work with the right ones!  You do not want to fall victim to any of the un-reputable companies so make sure you join trusted and reliable CPA networks.


2: Selecting The Most Profitable CPA Offer

If you want to make money in this industry, it’s essential to seek out the most lucrative CPA offers.  Keep in mind that not all high paying offers are the most efficient campaigns to run…you will only know this by testing your ad campaigns as some landing pages with a slightly lower CPA payout may produce a greater EPC (earning per click). 


3: Focus On Highly Targeted Traffic Sources

If you put your focus on traffic sources this can bring highly targeted traffic.  Targeted traffic are the people who are specifically looking for your CPA offers and information and without the right traffic generated, your offer is of no value. 


4: A Powerful Landing Page

Every visitor can potentially make you money, so optimize your landing page to persuade your visitors to complete the action.  Each visitor is vital to your success!


5: Always Test and Track Your Campaigns

Focus on the winners and omit the losing campaigns!!!  Testing the performance of your campaigns (for every traffic source you use for each of your techniques) will not only improve your conversion rate, but will also help you to identify which ads or offers  make you money and which ones don’t.   


These 5 critical components will help you become a successful CPA marketer whilst maximizing your earning potential!

Avoiding Certain Viral Mistakes

Many affiliate marketers are realizing the power of social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube when it comes to making money online and rapidly spreading the marketing word virally, however, there are 3 common mistakes being made. 

1. Not providing the right content and a call to action incentive.

Most internet marketing courses cover how to ethically bribe your visitors with free stuff!  There’s no doubt just like I enjoy this incentive, most people would agree that they appreciate free stuff as well.  Make sure you provide an incentive (eBook or videos on internet marketing techniques) that is directly related to the content you are providing.  It’s crucial to stay on topic…you will find that people will respond to your call to action incentive as long as it’s in relation to your topic of discussion.

2. Don’t forget to promote your campaign once you’ve created it!

Implementation of the viral strategy is vital.  Consider tweaking your campaign here and there and monitoring it, even after you’ve coupled your ad with a YouTube video.  Most successful internet marketers continue to promote their ads in order to maximize the number of people being exposed to your product.

3. Avoiding this vital step…Testing Campaigns and Tracking Results.

Without testing your promotional campaigns, it will be fairly difficult to determine what is working for you.  Most successful internet marketers try different strategies such as various ethical incentives or partnering up with many marketers in order to spread the word to a variety of audiences to test their lists.  Also testing which campaigns produce the highest conversions and tracking your results will help eliminate campaigns that aren’t necessarily producing good numbers.  These are all incredibly vital to your success as an internet marketer, so make sure to utilize these strategies.

How To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Often times, several affiliate marketers have attempted a number of ways to increase their commission, but to no avail.  This is a very difficult business, and in order to make lucrative commissions online, time, knowledge and dedication must be implemented.  Once you understand the process of working as an affiliate marketer, you will begin to see the many financial rewards that come with it!

Below are a few tips that may help you get off your feet!

  1. Build your own list and promote your product by sending out newsletters with relevant information.  It’s always helpful to offer your potential customers with free reports and eBooks.  This will help attract more people to join your list.
  2. When promoting any affiliate product, make sure to utilize all the resources and supporting material (including any product reviews, eBooks, and website templates) provided to you by the sponsor.
  3. As long as an Affiliate Program allows this, offer incentives (reviews and eBooks) to your visitors when visitors purchase from the merchants.
  4. Make sure to track your advertising campaign.

These are all wonderful tips that can help boost your commission sales.  Take your time, be diligent, and apply these useful tactics to increase your revenue!

Affiliate Marketers and CPA Marketing

A wonderful way of doing marketing online is through CPA (Cost Per Action), and has been perceived better than CPC (Cost Per Click) marketing.  Below you may just find out why CPA marketing can be for you!

When firms and/or corporations want to increase their sales, the general approach is to reach a targeted audience by submitting materials to the lead once a customer opts-in to a specific advertisement or promotion via email or zip code/postal code.  By opting in, the potential customer is requesting for more information from the company pertaining to the given product.  Advertising expenses are evaluated by the company where they would begin to calculate their return on investment for each lead generated.  A typical example would be a campaign producing 5000 leads on a $50000 budget the cost per lead would come to $10.00.  Now the company can take action and work the lead for approximately the same cost or even a slightly lower cost. 

That’s a lot of money on one action that affiliate marketers could potentially generate!  The key is to promote an offer that costs less than the cost per action premium!  Keep in mind that the company has also had to spend money on advertising to attract potential customers.

The difference between CPA marketing and CPC marketing is that there could be more opportunities in obtaining customers.  This is simply a generic overview of CPA marketing for Affiliate Marketers.